Curious Gallery 2017

January 7-8, 2017 – Crowne Plaza, Portland, OR

Thank you to everyone who preregistered for Curious Gallery! PREREGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. You can still purchase day and weekend passes at our registration desk starting at 10am both Saturday and Sunday, cash or card. Day passes are $25/adult, $15 kids 6 to 13. Weekend passes are $45 adult, $25 kids 6 to 13. Thank you!

9am, Sunday, January 8, 2017 – Good morning, all! We know the weather out there is pretty messy and the forecast isn’t looking so friendly. However, traffic around the hotel is moving, just a little more slowly, AND public transit is still going strong! We also just talked to one of the hotel maintenance employees who has been outside for the past few hours de-icing the parking lot and he said he’s been seeing signs of thawing a bit. The temperature is supposed to be a bit above freezing today, which should help.

It IS still icy out there, but we have opted to keep the event open today for those who can make it! All of our staff and a good portion of our volunteers, along with some presenters, stayed on site, and we’re already getting vendors showing up to prepare for the day. We may have a few programming cancellations (and we have some plans for substitutions), and we may start early programming a little later to give folks time to get here. But we are on!

If you drive, PLEASE go slowly, leave plenty of room in front of you, and give yourself extra time to brake for stops and turns. If you can take public transit part or all of the way, please do–it means fewer vehicles on the road. Most of all, use your best judgement, and we’ll be here keeping the lights on for you at Curious Gallery!

Long before public museums became a feature of many cities, private citizens in Europe and elsewhere formed their own extensive collections of scientific specimens and cultural artifacts meant to educate and inspire their beholders. A longtime collector of natural history specimens, Portland artist and author Lupa wanted to increase awareness and appreciation of wunderkammern (“wonder cabinets”), or cabinets of curiosity, and their eclectic contents. Curious Gallery is the result, a weekend of exhibits, presentations, hands-on workshops, and special programming for lovers of taxidermy, natural wonders, and strange treasures old & new.

Now in its fourth year, Curious Gallery returns to the Crowne Plaza Portland on January 7-8, 2017. We’ll be featuring two days of panels, workshops and other programming, and transforming the grand foyer of the event into a beautiful wunderkammer of art. You’ll be able to bring home curiosities from our selection of vendors. If you would like to be a presenter, vendor, artist, volunteer or sponsor at Curious Gallery 2017, please use the Participate link at the top of this page.

Visit this site for updates as we add new programming, participants and other information about Curious Gallery 2017! For more information, or if you have questions, please contact curator(at) You may also follow us on Facebook (2017 event page here), Twitter and Google Plus.